Electrical Panel Upgrade in Red Deer, Alberta

Upgrading your electrical panel can be a big project, but having it done can allow you to use more devices safely. A panel upgrade can solve many different problems such as constantly tripping breakers, and it can give you room to grow as you improve your home and add more rooms or devices. 

Because an electrical panel upgrade should always be done by a licensed electrician, your first step should be to choose an electrician who can upgrade your panel while caring for your home and considering your needs. At PASS Electric Inc., we are known for the care and attention that we put into every job. We look forward to helping you with our electrical panel upgrades in Red Deer. 

If you are ready to schedule an appointment for an electrical panel upgrade in Red Deer, contact PASS Electric Inc. You can call us at 403.352.2591 or fill out an online form.

What Is a Panel Upgrade? 

A panel upgrade is an involved process that can be done when your current electrical panel no longer supports the electrical needs of your home. It includes upgrading to a higher amperage panel and often a new meter base, service entrance cable, and other electrical equipment. 

In many cases, a service upgrade isn’t just an elective home improvement, it’s necessary to protect the home from overload, electrical fire, and other hazards. It is a service that we recommend for many older homes that still have fuse boxes or panels with less than 100 amps.

Panel Upgrade, Repair, or Replacement? 

If you have a panel that is causing problems, you may have different options for how to resolve the problem. The solution will depend on the extent of the damage, the electrical panel upgrade cost vs repair cost, and whether or not your panel is still serving your home well.

If the only problem is a loose wire or a broken breaker, we can fix that with a repair. However, if your electrical service is sufficient but your electrical panel is damaged beyond repair, you can invest in a replacement. This is where we replace your old panel with a similar unit that has the same amperage. 

When you need something with higher amperage so that you can safely increase your electrical usage, you will need a panel upgrade. If you have an old fuse box, we may recommend an electrical fuse box upgrade. When you invest in a fuse box upgrade, you’ll no longer have to replace a fuse every time there is a power surge. 

The Electrical Panel Upgrade Process

An electrical panel upgrade is a major electrical project that will require permits and paperwork. As licensed electricians, we always do our due diligence to make sure you have the proper paperwork to complete the needed upgrade. During this process, we will discuss which electrical panel we will install and go over the electrical panel upgrade cost so you know exactly what to expect. All of our electrical repairs, installations, and upgrades are strictly up to code. 

After the proper paperwork is completed, we can begin the process. We will remove your old electrical equipment including the old panel, meter box, weather head, and more. We may install a new grounding system and new service entrance cables as needed. Sometimes we need to cut a larger hole in the wall to make room for the new cables, and we will occasionally need to move the location of the panel. We will keep you updated as we go so that you never have any surprises during the installation. 

Cleaning up our mess after the service is an important part of your electrical panel upgrade. We take pride in the neatness of our electrical panel installations and you will never see exposed wiring or debris. We will leave your home better than we found it because that is the way we would want someone to treat our own homes. 

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Red Deer

As the heart of your electrical system, an up-to-date electrical panel is an essential part of the safety of your home. If your electrical system is continually overloaded because of a panel that is no longer sufficient, let our team at PASS Electric Inc. come and upgrade your electrical panel. You can start by scheduling an appointment to have us come and give you an estimate. 

Call PASS Electric Inc. today or reach out to us online. We look forward to hearing from you!