Electrical Panel Repair in Red Deer, Alberta

Before your electricity can power your electrical devices or light your home, it needs to be received and directed by your electrical panel. Your panel is responsible for making sure every area of the home has the right amount of electricity and that none of your circuits get overloaded. When something isn’t working properly, you may start to have electrical issues throughout your home. Our job at PASS Electric Inc. is to make sure these problems get resolved safely and quickly. 

We offer electrical panel repair for all types of electrical panels in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.  We want you to feel safe in your home and to be able to enjoy all of the conveniences of modern electrical equipment without any of the hassle. Regardless of whether the job is big or small, our team will take the time to make sure it gets done right. 

If you are ready to schedule an appointment for an electrical panel repair in Red Deer, contact PASS Electric Inc. You can call us at 403.352.2591 or fill out an online form.

Our Electrical Panel Repair Services

At PASS Electric Inc., we can service all makes and models of electrical panels. Most people in Red Deer have either a circuit breaker panel or a fuse box, and we provide electrical panel repair services for both. 

Circuit Breaker Panel Repair

Circuit breakers have switches called breakers that trip when there is an electrical disturbance in your home. They are convenient and are the standard for electrical panel installations today. Circuit breakers can sometimes have corroded parts, faulty wiring, and other broken components that may need to be replaced. It is also common for older homes to need additional circuits or electrical panel upgrades.  

Fuse Box Repair

Fuse boxes are less common since they are no longer installed in new construction. While fuse boxes that are in good condition aren’t usually considered more dangerous than a circuit breaker panel, they can be dangerous if they are not maintained properly or if the wrong size of fuse is used. Fuse box repair should always be done by a licensed electrician. 

When to Call for Electrical Panel Repair

Electrical panel problems are not something that should be put off for very long. We recommend calling any time there are any electrical changes in your home as many of these issues could be related to your electrical panel. 

Watch for:

  • Electrical problems when turning on appliances: If you turn on your microwave and the lights flicker or if you have a breaker that trips every time you try to run two appliances at once, your electrical panel may be having problems. This is often a sign that something needs to be adjusted or that your panel needs to be upgraded. 
  • A panel that feels warm: While some electronics can feel warm to the touch during operation, a warm electrical panel means that heat is being generated from faulty wiring. If any part of your electrical panel feels warm, call immediately for repairs. 
  • Burning smells: Burning smells or hot electrical smells are a reason to call right away. Prompt repairs can help you to avoid electrical fires and injury. 
  • Black marks around the panel: If you see black scorch marks near your panel, it is an indication of damaged or faulty parts or even water damage. Call as soon as possible for a diagnosis and electrical panel repair. 
  • Exposed wires or panel damage: Any wires in your electrical panel should be neatly covered by the panel cover. If you are able to see any wires from your electrical panel, the device should be repaired to make it safer. You should also get in touch with an electrician for water damage or any other signs of damage to your panel. 

Electrical Panel Repair Vs Replacement or Upgrade

Do you need a home electrical panel repair or would you be better off with a replacement? Panel repair vs replacement is a decision that is unique to each home. We recommend replacement services if the electrical usage of the home exceeds the panel’s capabilities, if the damage is extensive, or if a replacement would be more economical. 

Quality Electrical Panel Repair in Red Deer

Our home electrical panel repair is one way that we can serve our neighbors in Red Deer, Alberta. We have a long history of offering quality electrical services that are done right the first time. We treat every job as important whether it is a major upgrade or a small repair. 

If you are searching for electrical panel repair in Red Deer, let our team of electricians at PASS Electric Inc. take care of it. Schedule a service online or contact us by phone.