EV Charger Installation in Red Deer, Alberta

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles over the recent years, you might be looking into purchasing, or possibly already owning an electrical vehicle. A part of owning one of these modern-day vehicles is having the ability to charge the battery from the comfort of your home much like you would a cell phone at night. At PASS Electric Inc., we understand that all homes and electrical vehicles have different capabilities and charging needs. That’s why we offer Red Deer, AB, Canada, and neighboring communities with quality EV charger installations to keep you on the go!

When it comes to understanding the different types of EV charger installations, our experienced and qualified electricians have the know-how to get you the right one for your home and vehicle. EV charging stations are sprouting up all over the place, but what makes them different from the ones you’d get installed for your home? We’re here to help you understand the difference, and select the EV charging station that’s right for your home.

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EV Charger Installation You Can Count On

Here at PASS Electric Inc., our electricians are highly trained, skilled, and passionate about bringing you quality electrical services for your home. We’re always staying current and up to date with the latest in electrical technology and training so that we can always deliver fantastic results that you can rely on. We’re your nearby electricians who have the tools, skills, experience, and know-how to tackle all of your home electrical needs.

EV Charger Installation Services

So you’re thinking about purchasing an electrical vehicle, or you’ve recently purchased one and need a reliable way to recharge it. Let the professionals at PASS Electric Inc. help you get the EV charger installation that fits your car, and your home’s needs. To better understand the different options when it comes to EV charging installations and selecting the one that’s best for your home, you first have to understand the differences between the available options.

Level 1 EV Chargers

The level 1 charging stations are convenient, simple, and straightforward when it comes to charging your electric vehicle. Using a standard outlet these charging stations can be used in any residential household. You can charge your electrical vehicle with 120 volts using a 15 to 20 amp outlet. The price of this convenience however is the charging time. With only 4 miles gained for every hour charged, this is a slow and steady way to charge your vehicle and can take up to 30+ hours to gain a full charge.

Level 2 EV Chargers

Utilizing a 240-volt outlet much like a washer, dryer, range, or other appliances, a level 2 charging station can be found in both residential households as well as commercial places. The level 2 EV charging installations can charge your electrical vehicle at 12 to 30 miles for every hour charged. Making them a quicker way to charge your vehicle when compared to the level 1 chargers. Pumping out up to 80 amps, these charging stations can fully charge your vehicle in about 8 to 12 hours, making them perfect for those who want to charge their vehicles overnight.

Level 3 EV Chargers

If you’re looking into an EV charging installation for your home, you won’t be dealing with the level 3 charging stations. These use 480 volts and produce 300+ amps for the quickest charge possible. These are the types of charging stations that you’ll find when on the road, or in commercial settings. Requiring special installation to gain the correct power needed, level 3 EV chargers charge around 3 to 15 miles per MINUTE, leaving you with a full charge in about 30 to 45 minutes!

The Right EV Charger Installation For Your Home

Depending on your vehicle and your home’s current electrical system, you may need to upgrade your current panel to incorporate an EV charging station. Many older panels won’t have the ability or capacity to handle the extra demand that EV chargers draw, leaving you with constantly tripped breakers, and poor electrical performance throughout your house.

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Smart Home Electronics

An added benefit to professional EV charger installation is the ability to control your car’s charge remotely. With today’s smart home electronics, you’ll be able to monitor, stop, or start your car charging at any time from anywhere. Making it a whole lot more convenient than driving to your local gas station to fill up your tank!

Your Professional Electricians Near Red Deer, AB, Canada

At PASS Electric Inc., our nearby electricians can get you the EV charging services you need whenever you need them. Our highly-skilled, trained, and certified electricians can deliver quality EV charger installations so that you get the best charge for your electrical vehicle. Saving you time, money, and the headache that comes with poor quality electrical service. We’re committed to providing you with only the highest quality of work so that the next time you need any electrical service, you call the experts at PASS Electric Inc. first.

When Quality Matters, Trust PASS Electric For Your EV Charger Installation

So when the time comes that you need trusted EV charger installation services in Red Deer, be sure to call the certified professionals at PASS Electric Inc. We have the right team, tools, and experience to get you, your home, and your electrical vehicle the EV charging station that works best for your needs.

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