Generator Transfer Switch Installation in Red Deer, AB

Do you need generator transfer switch installation in Red Deer, AB? Whole-home generators do not automatically come with a transfer switch, so you must request this device. If your home lacks the switch, PASS Electric Inc can help. We will happily handle the generator transfer switch installation for you. With this switch, your generator goes into action immediately so that you don’t need to wait to have power in the home again.

If you’re looking for a reliable generator transfer switch installation in Red Deer, AB, look no further than PASS Electric Inc. Call us today at (403) 352-2591 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

What Is a Transfer Switch?

A transfer switch functions as the name suggests. The switch transfers the load from one source to a second source. When you flip the switch, the generator starts providing power. In most cases, we place the manual transfer switch near the home’s electrical panel.

Installing a Generator Transfer Switch

You may think it is easy to install a portable generator transfer switch. Google makes it seem like it is. However, a single mistake could lead to an inoperable generator. You will sit in the dark with no lights, heat, working refrigerator, or oven.

Why take this chance when you can have a portable generator transfer switch installed by a professional? When we finish our work, you’ll have confidence the device will work when needed.

When you call our electricians to install a generator manual transfer switch in Red Deer, they ensure every step is completed. You need a professional for the generator transfer switch installation to protect the manufacturer’s warranty, and an insurance company will only pay out for any damage caused by a manual transfer switch installed by a licensed electrician. If you install the generator manual transfer switch yourself and it malfunctions, you will pay the costs associated with the damage caused by this malfunction.

By calling our electricians to install a generator transfer switch, you avoid these issues. You have confidence the switch will operate as intended and save money in the long run. Our electricians ensure that it works as it should before leaving the home.

Choosing a Transfer Switch

When you call PASS Electric Inc to install a generator transfer switch, we will discuss your generator transfer switch installation options. An automatic generator transfer switch installation automatically switches power from the service panel over to the generator when it detects an electric grid failure.

When the electrical grid comes back up, the switch automatically transfers back to the service panel. The generator then cools down before turning itself off. This cooling-off process protects the generator from damage.

If you opt for a manual generator transfer switch installation, you must manually flip a switch to transfer power to the generator. When the utility company restores the power, you turn the switch off. When you aren’t home, the power will remain off until you arrive at the residence to flip the switch.

We typically recommend an automatic transfer switch for whole-house generator installations and a manual switch for portable generators. However, we assess the home before making a final recommendation. This assessment allows us to ensure you make the right choice for your needs.

Once this has been determined, we look at the switch wattage to see if it can handle the expected load. We ensure the switch has the UL/CUL certification to ensure it complies with electrical codes, and we also consider the warranty that comes with the switch. These steps help to ensure your satisfaction once we complete the generator transfer switch installation.

Why Should You Invest in a Generator Transfer Switch?

Many people feel they can live without a generator transfer switch, particularly when they own a portable generator. Using extension cords to power the desired devices should be sufficient, shouldn’t it? While extension cords are a viable option, they come with several drawbacks you should know of before making this decision.

You will need to find the extension cords in the dark and move them to the generator to plug the desired items in. These extension cords are a safety hazard during a power outage, as a family member could trip over them and need to visit the emergency room. These cords also serve as a fire hazard.

Avoid these issues by calling PASS Electric Inc to have a transfer switch installed. With our help, you can keep your loved ones and home safe from harm. 

Why Choose PASS Electric Inc for Your Generator Transfer Switch Installation in Red Deer, AB?

PASS Electric Inc remains committed to your satisfaction. We treat all jobs as if they are our only ones, regardless of how big or small they are. We find the quality electrical solution that best meets your needs. Our team of experienced electricians will ensure that your generator is connected safely and efficiently, giving you peace of mind when you need it most.

Don’t be left in the dark during a power outage. Call PASS Electric Inc at (403) 352-2591 or online contact form today for professional generator transfer switch installation in Red Deer, AB.