Commercial Electrician Red Deer, AB, Canada: Installation & Repairs

If you want to run a thriving business, you need to have a building that is safe and perfectly suited to your needs. Upgrading your commercial property’s electrical system, having electrical components installed when needed, and quickly repairing electrical problems can all be part of caring for your building and helping your business to succeed. 

At PASS Electric Inc., we want to care for other businesses in the community because we love to see local companies thrive and grow. Our commercial electrical services can help your building stay up to code and be convenient for both you and your employees. 

If you need a commercial electrician in Red Deer or any of the nearby areas, call PASS Electric Inc. today at 403.352.2591. You can also schedule services through our website. 

Commercial Electrical Red Deer

If you have a commercial property, there is a lot that you need to consider concerning your electricity. You will want to make sure the exterior of your property is welcoming to your customers while also being safe and secure. Indoors, you need lighting that is comfortable for everyone working in the environment and energy-efficient so that your utilities can stay low. You also need to pay special attention to current electrical codes and make sure all of your electrical wiring and devices are safe and up to date. We can help in all of these areas with our commercial lighting services, wiring and rewiring services, electrical repairs, and electrical upgrades for commercial properties. 

Commercial Lighting Installation & Repair

Commercial lighting is important because it can help add to or detract from the environment that you want to create inside your building. It can also help your employees with their daily work or make them feel uncomfortable. We specialize in finding solutions that can help keep your energy bills more manageable while making your property both beautiful and functional. 

At PASS Electric Inc., we offer commercial lighting service in your area. We can install and repair commercial indoor lighting, industrial lighting, parking lot lighting, security lighting, sign lighting, and much more.   

Commercial Wiring & Rewiring

Electrical wiring that is properly installed and in good condition is essential for the safety of your business. Faulty wiring is one of the leading causes of fires in commercial properties, but this hazard can be prevented through regular inspections, keeping your electrical system up to date, and paying attention to any signs of trouble. You may need commercial rewiring services in Red Deer if your lights are flickering or your circuit breakers are constantly tripping. We can come and inspect your property to see if we recommend rewiring services. 

Commercial Electrical Repair

Your commercial electrical repair needs could be as small as an outlet that’s no longer working or as big as an electrical panel that has started to malfunction. Whether the problem is big or small, it still has the same importance to our commercial electricians at PASS Electric Inc. We know that a minor problem can lead to major problems if it isn’t repaired right away. Call us right away if you need repairs for your lighting, switches and outlets, ceiling fans, electrical panels, and more. 

Electrical Upgrades

Keeping your property’s electrical system upgraded is a matter of ensuring the safety of your building and making it more versatile and functional. Certain improvements should be made to keep your building up to code such as installing GFCI outlets near sinks or upgrading your electrical panel to something that can handle all of your company’s electronics. You can also upgrade your building’s lighting and controls to make it more energy efficient. 

Our team would be happy to come and inspect your property for any electrical components that should be upgraded. This can be helpful if you are considering selling your property or if you want to ensure the safety of everyone inside. 

Your Red Deer Commercial Electrician

Our Red Deer electricians at PASS Electric Inc. are here for you no matter what challenges you may face with your business. You can call on us for emergency repair services, advice about your commercial property, or electrical upgrades to help it thrive. If you own a business near Red Deer, AB, Canada, we are your reliable source for commercial electrical repairs, installations, and upgrades. 

Our services are always guaranteed. To schedule commercial electrical services in Red Deer, AB, Canada, call PASS Electric Inc. at 403.352.2591. We are happy to help!