Dependable Electrical Upgrade Services Near Red Deer, AB, Canada

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your home’s electrical system? Perhaps you would like to install new devices or appliances that require a higher power output. Maybe you are building additional rooms and you would like to make sure that your electrical system can keep up with the new power demands. The best way to upgrade your home’s electrical system is by installing a new electrical panel. 

You may not know much about your electrical panel, since it is hidden away and seldom used. You may have thought about installing new outlets, switches, light fixtures, or even water heaters before you thought about installing a new electrical panel. However, a new electrical panel will ensure that all these other things run smoothly.

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Why Is an Electrical Panel So Important? 

An electrical panel is also known as a distribution board and is responsible for distributing electricity throughout your home to all the relevant components. Your electrical panel may be likened to a heart that pumps blood through your body to all your organs via your veins and arteries. An electrical panel is more than just a board full of switches that trip when something is wrong, but it is one of the most important components in your whole electrical system. 

Without your electrical panel, you would not be able to use most of your electrical appliances like your computers, dishwasher, washing machine, HV AC system, coffee machine, lights, and so much more. It makes sense to take care of your electrical panel so it can take care of you and your family.  

When Should You Consider an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

You may be wondering when you should install a new electrical panel. There are a few things that will tell you that your home needs an electrical upgrade. 

Your Home’s Age

Is your electrical panel older than 15 years? While electrical panels may last as long as 60 years, older panels may not be able to keep up with modern-day electrical demands. Consider how technology has advanced in the last 20 years and how much more we depend on electricity for our daily routine. 

We rely on electricity from the minute we wake up, to the moment we go to bed. We use it to make coffee, and complete household chores, like dishes and washing, we have devices that are solely dependent on electricity, and some of us may even have electric vehicles that rely on electricity to charge. Clearly, your home did not have as many electrically dependent appliances and devices 20 years ago. You may need an electrical panel upgrade to be able to keep up with modern technology.

Frequent Problems

If your home is not performing as it used to, your electrical panel could be to blame. You may notice some flickering or dimming lights, power surges, increased electricity bills, low power output, and circuit breakers tripping more than usual. If you’ve noticed some of these problems, contact an electrician to inspect your home’s electrical system and determine if you are up for an electrical panel replacement or simply some repairs. 

These problems may seem trivial, but when your circuit breakers trip frequently, it means that something is wrong in your home. This could be a potential threat to you and your family. Outdated electrical systems can cause fires and electrical shocks if left unchecked.

If you still have a fuse box instead of a breaker box, you and your family would benefit from upgrading your electrical system. These fuse boxes do not shut off as soon as a problem is detected. That means that there is time for heat to build up image your component and lead to a fire. While a modern electrical panel will trip as soon as a problem is detected to prevent damage and safety risks. You would do well to investigate these problems as soon as you notice them, to prevent long-term damage or safety issues. 

Thorough Upgrade Services

When upgrading your electrical system, your electrical panel is not the only part of your home that should be replaced. Other components may need to be upgraded to keep up with the new electrical panel you are installing. A lot of these systems go hand in hand, so if you’re replacing one, you should replace the other. 

To make sure that no stone is left unturned concerning safety, you should consider a whole home rewiring as well. It’s possible that your electrical wiring is outdated and damaged. If you’re going to have a brand-new electrical panel, your home would benefit from new wires. Electrical rewiring sounds like a big job, but with our electricians, it’s simple and affordable. 

To ensure that nothing will hold your system back from working properly, you should also consider upgrading your meter socket. All these upgrades will contribute to a fully functional electrical system that you and your family will no doubt love. 

Why Should You Upgrade Your Electrical System?

If there are no apparent problems with your electrical system, you may be wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade your electrical panel. Well, there are many benefits that you just can’t ignore. For instance, a new electrical panel will allow your home to run modern appliances and devices. If you are up for an HVAC replacement soon, there is always the possibility that your electrical system is not strong enough to power a modern HVAC system. You can prevent this dilemma by ensuring that your electrical system is up to standard. 

Another prominent benefit of installing a new electrical panel is the decrease in your electricity bills. Old electrical systems are not as energy-efficient as newer ones. If you are concerned about the environment and would like lower utility bills every month, replacing your electrical panel will give you exactly that. You can reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time. 

If you are tired of calling an electrician to repair odds and ends around your home, an electrical panel upgrade may put an end to those frequent repairs. By upgrading your home’s primary electrical systems, you can ensure that all the components work as they should without any hurdles. This will allow you and your family to enjoy the convenience of electricity and not worry about your electrical system suddenly failing. 

Another advantage, perhaps the most important one, is the additional safety that an upgraded and electrically compliant system can offer. A modern electrical panel has a quicker response to problems that may arise in your home. Your circuit breakers will trip as soon as a malfunction is detected to prevent any electrical fires. A faulty electrical system could also result in electrical shocks when you and your family use outlets, switches, and other appliances. You can’t put a price on safety. When you upgrade your electrical system, you invest in your family’s health. 

Electrical Maintenance

Once you have installed a new electrical panel, it’s vital to keep up with regular electrical maintenance. Once a year, schedule an electrical inspection to ensure the dual electrical system is still in tiptop shape. With regular electrical inspections, our electricians can detect potential problems before they become out of hand. Regular maintenance prevents serious problems and prolongs the life of your electrical panel. With regular maintenance, you may even be able to keep your electrical panel for the next 40 to 50 years. 

Professional Nearby Electricians

When it comes to your home’s electrical system, shortcuts simply won’t do. If you would like to ensure that you and your family are safe, you should hire a professional electrician to work with your electrical system. There are no simple DIY tricks to upgrade your home’s electrical panel. The only way to guarantee a job well done is to contact us, and we will send our licensed and qualified electricians to you. 

They will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and all your electrical components to determine whether you need an electrical upgrade. They will also assess the condition of your electrical system’s safety devices to ensure they are in working order. With PASS Electric Inc, you won’t go wrong!

The Best Electrical Services Near Red Deer, AB, Canada

When it comes to quality electrical services, PASS Electric Inc never falters. We aim for complete client satisfaction and absolute electrical compliance. If our clients are not 100% satisfied with our electrical services, we will keep working until they are. 

No matter how big or small are job, our electricians will never shy away from hard work. They are friendly and approachable, so you can ask them as many questions as you need to. After all, it is your home that we are upgrading. You make all the big decisions regarding your home’s electrical system. We will not do anything unless you have given the go-ahead. 

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