Generator Installation and Service in Red Deer, AB, Canada

Whether we realize it or not, electricity plays a pivotal role in our lives. We depend on the power it provides our homes. It allows us to enjoy some of our favorite activities, like watching the latest movies and charging our cellphones and tablets. More importantly, electricity allows us to have accessible lighting and appliances that make our lives convenient, such as our HVAC systems. If you work from home, electricity is vital to help you earn an income for your household. 

As you can see, electricity is a big part of our daily routines. PASS Electric Inc. understands the importance of having a constant supply of power in your home. That is why offer reliable and affordable generator installations and repairs in Red Dear. 

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Red Deer Generator Installation & Repair

Bad weather and damage to infrastructure can leave us without power for days on end. There is no telling when the next blackout will be. We understand that this cannot always be helped, but that does not mean it is not inconvenient. It may not be so bad to go a few hours without electricity, but when hours turn into days, it can become difficult to endure. 

When our electricity is off for an extended time, our refrigerators defrost, and our food can go bad. This is an unnecessary waste of money and food. If we are not able to work from home, we can miss deadlines and that impacts our job performance. Not having your devices means you can’t keep in contact with family and friends. Power outages are fun for no one. Don’t let them catch you off-guard. Contact PASS Electric Inc. for your generator installation. If you already have a generator, but it is problematic, we can help with our affordable generator repairs.

Generac Generators

While there are various reliable brands of generators, Generac is often preferred by most homeowners and electrical contractors. They are known for their reliable performance and high-quality service. They also have a wide range of different generators to choose from, so you can get a generator that suits your home perfectly. If you are unfamiliar with the wide selection, our Red Dear electricians can help you find the right generator for your specific needs.

It is always best to have an automatic backup generator so you can have your power back on as soon as the national power goes off. You can have a device, known as a transfer switch, installed that will immediately move your electrical system to your backup generator. 

Generators can be powered by propane or natural gas and run even when you aren’t home. This means that they will continue to power your essential appliances in the event of a sudden power outage.

Generac Generator Installation

If you are interested in having a new generator installed, you may want to consider a Generac generator as your backup power source. We understand that a generator installation can be a pricey endeavor, but it is worth it. When you install a Generac, you get a 5 to 10-year warranty with their generators. We take pride in installing these high-quality generators, knowing that our customers will be satisfied for years to come. Trust us to handle the installation process from beginning to end. 

Generac Generator Repair

Anything can go wrong with your generator. It is made up of various components that work hard to supply power to you when you need it most. From time to time, these parts may become worn out or damaged. You need a reliable electrical contractor on-call when your generator stops working. If your generator won’t turn on during a power outage or causes your circuit breakers to trip, we can fix that! Contact PASS Electric Inc. for your generator repairs.

Electrician Generator Services

When it comes to installing or repairing a whole-home generator, it is best to leave it to the expert electricians at PASS Electric Inc. They have years of experience with various types of generators. They will ensure that your generator supplies power to your essential outlets, lighting, and appliances. Our local electricians know how to set your generator up so you can have uninterrupted power.

Why Should I Have a Home Backup Generator Installed?

You may not think a backup generator is a necessity, but there are many compelling reasons to think differently. Most homeowners don’t know that a whole-home generator can be affordable to install and save money in the long run.

Keep the Lights On

Your home can become a target for crime if there are no lights on. This is especially true when your outdoor security lighting does not work. Keep all your lights on with your own backup generator. 

Keep Essential Appliances Powered

There is no telling how long a power outage may last. It could be hours or days. Nonetheless, our food is likely to go bad. We rely on electricity to keep the food in our refrigerators fresh. If you have stocked your refrigerator with food, a power outage can be distressing. Don’t waste your money and food. Invest in a reliable generator to keep the power on all the time. 

Keep Important Medical Equipment Running

Power outages become a serious concern when you have medical equipment that depends on electricity. If there is someone in your home that relies on this type of equipment, a backup generator will be a valuable asset to you and your family.

The Best Generator Services in Red Dear, AB, Canada

When you want a generator installed, you can’t go wrong with PASS Electric Inc. Our expert electricians will provide high-quality generator repairs and installations. You can count on us to keep your home powered through any blackout. As a licensed electrical contractor, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! 

For more information on generator installations and repairs in Red Dear, give us a ring or send us your message or online to schedule your next appointment with your friendly neighborhood electricians at PASS Electric!