Smart Home Installation Services Red Deer, AB, Canada

Many homes in Canada have smart home automation systems for everything from lighting to speaker systems. If you don’t already have your house set up with smart home technology, it can seem overwhelming to get everything connected, install the apps, and make sure everything is set to your specifications. At PASS Electric Inc., we offer installation and setup services for virtually every type of home automation. With our expertise and clear explanations, your smart home will be up and running in no time. 

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What Is Smart Home Automation? 

Smart home automation is anything that can be controlled either with your voice or with an app on your phone or tablet. With these types of devices, you can view the information from your device, control or change settings remotely, or have them turn on and off automatically when certain conditions are met. 

Home automation can be perfect for individuals who struggle to remember to perform certain tasks, who want more control over their house even while away from home, or who just want to make life a little more convenient. 

Our Smart Home Installation Services at PASS Electric Inc. 

At PASS Electric Inc., we can help you set up many of your different smart home systems. We can install lighting controls, blinds, speaker systems, smart thermostats, and much more. We can also set up your voice-controlled devices such as Google Smart Home, Alexa Smart Speakers, and Sonos Speakers. Here are some of the services we offer:

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat can give you the flexibility of adjusting the temperature of your home even when you are on vacation or at the office. We can install your smart thermostat and set it up to work for you. 

Security System Wiring

A smart security system can make your home or business much safer and help you to monitor it at all times. Electrical wiring should always be done by an electrician. We offer wiring services for your home security systems or any of your other smart technology. 

Smart Blind Installation

There can be many uses for smart blinds in your home. Maybe you have blinds on a window that isn’t reachable such as a skylight. Or maybe you have blinds in your home theater and you want to be able to close them at the same time as you dim the lights for your family movie. With our smart blind installation in Red Deer, we can have your blinds installed in just a couple of hours. We can connect them to your voice-controlled assistant and teach you how to control them with your phone, remote, or other devices. 

Smart Switch Installation 

Smart switches and other types of lighting control are not just convenient, they can also help to save a lot of energy. You can set up your lights to automatically turn off when you leave your home so that you don’t accidentally leave them on all day. You can also install lighting that is motion-controlled or that dims depending on how much natural light is in the room. At PASS Electric Inc., we can also install dimming switches that connect to a remote control that can be used anywhere in the room. We also install dimmer switches, Internet of Things (IoT) smart switches, and Lutron smart home products. 

Smart Home Speaker Installation

At PASS Electric Inc., we are proud to be an official Sonos dealer. We can design and install speaker systems for single rooms such as your home theater, or design an interconnecting system for your whole home. With Sonos solutions, you can have access to all of your music no matter where you are in the house and you can control it all using your voice or an app on your phone. With our Sonos installations, we can bring any configuration to life, whether wired or wireless, and we can even integrate Sonos with the current equipment that you may have in your home. 

Reach Out to a Certified Contractor!

When you want to have smart switches, speakers, or other smart systems installed, reach out to an electrician that is a certified contractor for the system you want to have installed. At PASS Electric Inc., we are:

  • Eaton Certified Contractors
  • Authorized Sonos Dealers & Preferred Installers
  • Lutron Smart Home System Electricians

The Benefits of Professional Smart Home Installation

For any smart home installation projects that require hardwiring, it’s essential to get the help of a professional electrician. Electrical upgrades and installations can be dangerous if you don’t have the right experience. But even if wiring isn’t required for your smart home installation, it can still be helpful to have someone with the right experience come and set it up perfectly. Our team at PASS Electric Inc. is always happy to help and answer any questions you have about how to use your new smart system. 

Call a Red Deer Electrician Today for Smart Home Installation Services

If you want to make your home more convenient and, in some cases, more energy efficient, you can call our electricians at PASS Electric Inc. for smart home installation services in Red Deer, AB, and the surrounding areas. 

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