Lighting Repair in Red Deer, Alberta

Your home relies on proper lighting for a number of things. Making a home comfortable and stylish is just some of its functions. Using the incorrect lighting in your home can be harmful to your eyes and cause long-term damage. Lighting can also contribute to your mood. Your home needs the correct type of lighting for each room to ensure functionality and comfort. With lighting technology developing so rapidly, it may feel like an uphill battle to keep up and know what is available. Advanced lighting systems allow our homes to be more energy-efficient, saving us money on our utility bills. They also make our homes more practical and take care of our individual needs.  

Lighting plays an important role in our lives. Having professionals take care of all your lighting repairs is essential for your well-being and the well-being of your family. Repairing the lighting in your home doesn’t have to break the bank, and you do not have to cut corners by doing it yourself. You can have your lighting repaired and maintained by a licensed electrician.

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Trust Our Professional Electricians 

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Signs That My Lighting Needs Repairs

You don’t have to continue living with problematic lighting. There are ways that you can tell your lighting is faulty. More often than not, repairing your lighting is more cost-effective than dealing with malfunctioning lighting in your home. Here is what to look out for if you suspect you need lighting repairs:

Flickering Lights

There are a number of reasons why a light may flicker. Loose wiring, a switch that is not making proper contact, and a bulb socket that is worn out are just a few to mention. Although it could be a faulty bulb too, you can easily check by replacing your bulb. If the bulb still flickers, your problem may be more serious, and you will need professional help. Call PASS Electric Inc. to find the root of the problem. 

Light Switches Sparking

When a light switch sparks as it is turned on, and your wiring has recently been done, it could indicate that the wires running from the light fixture to the switch are faulty. If you are living in an old house and your wiring was done many years ago, the problem could be that your wiring is old and worn out. Your wiring is not the only issue here; it can also be that the light fitting is faulty. Whatever the case may be, this is dangerous and poses a threat to your family. 

Frequently Changing Light Bulbs

Regular incandescent light bulbs have a life expectancy of 1000 hours. That’s about 4 months’ worth of lighting from 1 bulb. If you are changing light bulbs more frequently than this, you could have loose wiring that is sending power surges into your lights, causing your bulbs to burn out. This can be a more serious problem than you think and should be taken care of immediately. 

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you need one of our licensed Red Deer electricians to repair your lighting, and ensure that your home is electrically safe. 

Why Should I Repair My Lighting?

Having lighting that is in working order should not be overlooked. Here are some benefits you can experience if you have your lighting repaired when necessary. 

  • You and your family can have peace of mind knowing your lighting is working properly. 
  • You may experience more productivity in spaces that are well-lit. 
  • Lower energy usage. 
  • Good lighting can give you a better ambiance while it sets the mood of the space it is lighting.  
  • Prevention is better than cure, so repairing your lighting regularly will lead to fewer electrical disruptions. 
  • Proper lighting can protect the rest of your electrical system.
  • The most important aspect of lighting repairs is the safety it provides your family. 

Types Of Lighting We Can Repair

Lighting does not only have to be practical and functional. Lighting can complement your lifestyle and your home’s design. Each room’s lighting should meet a specific need since each of your rooms has a unique purpose. Lighting can also be used to emphasize a particular decorative element in the room. No matter what your lighting needs are, our electricians can provide suitable solutions. 

Recessed Lighting 

Recessed lighting is not easy to repair if you don’t have the necessary experience. These sleek designs are fitted into ceilings and walls, making them a challenge to fix. This is no problem for our skilled electricians.


If you have a chandelier, you no doubt cherish it. Chandeliers are delicate and require an expert to repair. We will take care of your faulty chandelier so you can enjoy its beauty and functionality.

Task lighting 

Task lighting is used when we are doing activities that require focused lighting. This type of lighting is usually free from distracting glares and shadows but is bright enough so that you don’t strain your eyes. We can make sure that your task lighting is in working order so you can get back to using it. 

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can bring attention to specific items or spaces in a room. These lights are perfect for highlighting paintings, sculptures, and design features. If your accent lighting needs some attention, give us a call. 

Trustworthy Lighting Repairs in Red Deer, AB, Canada

PASS Electric Inc. strives to provide excellent service to the residents of Red Deer. We can repair any type of lighting you have. You can be sure that our skilled electricians will have your home well-lit once again. 

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