Electrical Rewiring in Red Deer, Alberta

Hidden behind the drywall, under your feet, and within your ceiling lies a tangled maze of electrical wires that transport power to your electrical devices and systems. With how much you rely on your electricity and the conveniences that it brings daily, you must take the proper care of your home’s hidden network of wires. Although most home wires can last decades, the time will come when you need the help of electrical rewiring professionals near Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

If you’re building a home, renovating, or your home is older, PASS Electric Inc. has the rewiring and wiring services that you need to remain efficient and safe. Our certified team of licensed electricians has the right skills, tools, and experience to ensure that your home’s tangle of wires is safe and secure. Leaving you with the reliable power that you need to continue enjoying all of the modern comforts and conveniences that modern-day electrical systems provide.

If you’re concerned about the wires within your current home or are building a new home, contact the professionals at PASS Electric Inc. so that we can help ensure that your wires are up to code, safe, and reliable throughout your entire home.

Keeping Your Currents Flowing

Tasked with transporting electrical currents to all of your favorite electrical devices, your home’s wiring is used every single day. From simply flipping on the lights in a room, to charging your phone and powering your devices through the outlets, none of it would be possible without dependable wiring. When quality matters, PASS Electric Inc. has the know-how and experience to keep your home’s wires safe, secure, and reliable whether it’s brand new wiring or professional electrical rewiring.

Reliable Electrical Rewiring Professionals Near Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

To provide you with the quality of wiring and rewiring services that you need, our electricians undergo constant training so that we are always up to date on the most current safety standards. This allows us to safely keep your home’s wires up to local code and guidelines so that you can rest assured that your home’s electricity is flowing smoothly and safely.

We always put your satisfaction and safety at the forefront of everything we do. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality of electrical services throughout the Red Deer area. With our electrical rewiring professionals near Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, we’ll help keep your home efficient and safe with a variety of professional electrical services.

Electrical Inspection

With the help of our professional electrical inspections, we can determine what issues your home is having and where they are occurring. This allows us to identify the problem areas and address them accordingly. This type of inspection will also allow us to gauge the quality and efficiency of your home’s electrical wiring so that we can get to work rewiring areas within your home that need it the most.

Electrical inspections should be performed by a certified electrician whenever there’s a major project happening within your home. This is to ensure that all electrical work that has been done is done correctly and safely so that you can have reliable electricity for all of your electrical needs. Electrical inspections should be scheduled after any of the following;

  • Large renovations and home projects
  • New construction
  • Added appliances such as washers, dryers, and AC units
  • Any upgraded electrical panels
  • Any new large additions that add an extra load to your current electrical system

New Construction Wiring

Building a new home or an addition to your current one is an exciting project that requires the help of electrical wiring and rewiring professionals near Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. When you undertake one of these projects, PASS Electric Inc. electricians can help ensure that all of the new and existing wirings are working properly the way they should. Keeping you up to code, safe, and delivering reliable electricity throughout your new home or addition.

Whole House Rewiring

Many times your home’s electrical wiring is out of sight and out of mind, however, it’s important to recognize when it’s time for an electrical rewiring professional to step in and help keep your home up to date. Our certified and highly trained electricians can help rewire your entire home so that it’s operating at its very best, delivering safe and efficient electricity to all of your favorite electrical devices and components.

Some of the most common signs that you might start to notice when it’s time to rewire your house include:

  • Your home’s wiring hasn’t been updated in 25+ years
  • Your outlets and switches appear discolored
  • Persistent burning smells
  • Your lights flicker more often than normal
  • Constantly tripped breakers
  • If you need to add more outlets and switches

If you start to notice or have been noticing any of the above, call the professionals at PASS Electric Inc. so that we can get you scheduled with our electrical rewiring services.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Sometimes it’s tricky to find where the problem lies within your home’s electrical systems. With all of the wires, devices, and components that work together to bring you the power you need. With our electrical troubleshooting, we can locate potential issues within your home’s network of electrical wiring and devices. This allows us to quickly repair or correct any issue that you’re having within your home so that you remain safe and operational.

Safe And Reliable With Quality Results

Everyone knows that messing with any electrical system or handling electricity, in general, can be dangerous. That’s why we’re the highly trained professionals who put not only our safety first, but yours as well. We take every stride we can to ensure that you get the safest and most efficient electrical rewiring services possible.

Your Local Electrical Rewiring Professionals Near Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

When you find yourself in need of an electrical rewiring professional near Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, call your local friendly electricians at PASS Electric Inc. We’re here to ensure your home gets the quality of wiring it needs so that it remains safe, efficient, and reliable for years to come.