Generator Repair Red Deer, AB, Canada: Local & Professional

It is always beneficial to be prepared. There are many ways to stay prepared, and one of them is to have a backup generator for unexpected power outages. These handy machines can keep all your essential appliances powered even when there is a blackout. This means that vital medical equipment, refrigerators, and lights can stay on. 

However, this can be an issue if your generator is faulty or completely broken. Not having a generator can leave you unprepared, but so can having a broken one. Don’t let unexpected power outages catch you off-guard. Be ready by staying on top of your generator repairs. PASS Electric Inc. is here to offer generator services you can count on in any emergency. 

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Professional Generator Repairs

Thunderstorms, floods, and wildfires can leave us without electricity and infrastructure. At times, the companies that supply power to our homes can experience difficulties. Anything can happen and rob us of our electricity. Having a backup generator that is in working order can help us endure these unexpected trials. By planning ahead, and maintaining your generator, your home will always power.

PASS Electric Inc. is here to help the residents of Red Dear maintain their generators with our easy and affordable generator repairs. If it has been a while since you checked your generator or had repairs done, you could be stuck without power when a storm strikes. Bad weather can render your HVAC systems useless. However, if you have a backup generator, you can keep your HVAC running during these extreme temperatures. 

When you need our expertise, we will be there in a heartbeat! Our Red Dear electricians are eager to assist you with your generator repairs. We service Generac generators and other major brands. You can trust us to provide the electrical safety you deserve.  

Do You Need Generator Repairs? Here Are A Few Signs That You Do

If you don’t use your generator often, it can be challenging to know when you need repairs. It is best to check on your generator every now and then to ensure that it can work when you need it most. Here are a few things to look out for:

Start-Up Issues

If you are having trouble starting your generator, you may need a new battery or another internal component. This is a result of wear and tear, and usually can’t be avoided. 


Of course, it’s never a good sign for machinery and appliances to leak. If your generator starts leaking, it could be coolant from the reservoir. On a more serious note, it could also be fuel or oil leaking from a punctured pipe. Do not operate your generator until you call a professional electrician to repair it. 

Diagnostic Alerts

Most generators have a self-testing system to detect operational issues. This is a useful feature that lets you know when to repair your generator. Contact us if your generator has alerted you about a potential problem. 

Neglected Maintenance 

If you have been skipping your annual generator check-ups, it is crucial to schedule one as soon as possible. Our experts will ensure that the system is clean and that all the parts are in working order so you can be fully prepared for the next power outage.

External Damage

If you see dents, rust, or any other signs of damage, contact us as soon as possible. We will inspect and repair your generator, so it is safe to operate again. These outer damages can impact the internal components.

Uses More Fuel

If your generator uses more fuel lately, there could be something wrong with your generator. Our Red Dear electricians will check every component until we find the problem. 

If you have noticed any of these signs, be sure to call us as soon as you can. It is not safe to use a damaged generator. Get your generator repaired before the lights suddenly go out.

Can You Overload Your Generator?

It is possible to overload a generator. Before installing a whole-home generator, it is best to discuss what you want to be connected with your local electrician. They can help prevent an overload. It is best to only connect essential appliances, outlets, and lighting. 

Generac backup generators are equipped with an overload protection feature. It will trip your circuit breaker if your generator is overloaded. This will allow you to disconnect the device that drew too much power. Once you have done that, you can turn the breaker back on. If you are unsure about why your breaker tripped, contact PASS Electric Inc.

Keep Your Generator Running

There are a number of possible causes for a faulty generator. It is useful to know what these problems are so you can identify them. PASS Electric Inc. can repair your generator, no matter the fault. If your generator is old, we can recommend a replacement. When we come to your home to repair your generator, we will ensure that your transfer switch is in good condition and connected to your electrical panel properly. 

Our electricians will also ensure that your generator is up to local codes and regulations. We will check on all the major components and make sure that your generator is not a safety hazard. It is also important to check up on your battery and replace it if there is a sulfate leak.

Generator Repairs You Can Count On

Generators are complicated machines that require a professional electrician. It is not advised to repair your own generator if you do not have the necessary skills. A lot can go wrong, and you may damage your generator further. Leave it to PASS Electric Inc. We will ensure that your generator is in tip-top shape so you can have it when you need it.

If you would like to know more about our generator services, be sure to contact us online or at 403.352.2591 to schedule an appointment.