Leave the days of snow shoveling behind and start your Spring ‘To Do’ list!

The sun is shining, birds are singing, snow is melting, and people are happy!

We get excited for this fresh new season and all of the potential it holds. Below is a list of some landscaping trends that may intrigue you to add a new project to your Spring ‘To Do’ list 🙂

1. Outdoor Living Spaces: More and more homeowners are expanding their living spaces outdoors. Create a space outside for dining, relaxing, entertaining, and even watching TV! Yes, your heard that right, you can have a TV outside!

2. Curb Appeal: A properly designed and well maintained front yard is every homeowners dream. For some this may be as simple as freshly trimmed green grass with flower pots surrounding the front door, while for others this may require the work from a professional landscape company. Whatever it is that you desire, make a list and pick away.

3. Privacy: In this fast past life that we all live in many of us crave a nice, quiet outdoor space to come home to – a sanctuary of sorts. Think about planting larger trees and shrubs to create a natural screen from neighbours and roads (on a side note, we aren’t implying that you don’t like your neighbours! Just sometimes privacy is nice 🙂 ).

4. Outdoor Lighting: Don’t let enjoyment of your outdoor space end when the sun goes down! Incorporate lighting in your flower beds to highlight certain plantings, string beautiful string lights above your deck, or have pot lights incorporated into your front veranda. Not only are these ideas going to add mood and ambiance, they will also boost your home security.

Now don’t bog yourself down with projects this Spring. Pick your favorites from your list and work away. While you are at enjoy that beautiful, warm sunshine that we have all been waiting ever so patiently for!